Counseling Services

Woman smiling in the northern Michigan woods, sun shining through, at peace, counseling, individual therapy

Individual Therapy: Come as you are; become the person you want to be

In an environment of warmth, care and gentle challenge, we will help you change unhelpful patterns, improve relationships, cope with emotions, and live life more fully.  Together, we will implement strategies that are research-based and marvel at your progress as you move towards a more abundant, authentic and joyful life. 

Issues treated: anxiety  |  depression  |  family and relationship stressors  |  navigating life transitions

joyful teenager leaping in the air by Grand Traverse Bay, healthy teenager, adolescent counseling, therapy for teens

Adolescent Therapy: Adolescence is not for the faint of heart

At Head and Heart Therapeutic Solutions, we work authenticity and humor into every session. We enjoy surprising teenagers with the realities that their “therapist” can actually relate to them and that they may even enjoy their session. Teenagers deserve therapy that works so they can get back to their lives. We apply researcher-approved skills in a teenager-friendly, collaborative environment, reducing distress, improving relationships and reaching personal goals.

Issues treated: anxiety  |  depression  |  social isolation and relationship issues  |  mood instability | self-harm and suicidal thoughts | parent-youth conflict | navigating life transitions 

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Trauma & Anxiety Therapy: You are not alone. There is treatment that works

Every life is challenged by scary and stressful experiences at some point. The good news is that people recover from trauma and anxiety when they receive effective treatment. We partner with clients, promoting healing through a trusting relationship and the implementation of evidence-based techniques, specifically EMDR and TF-CBT. In a supportive, safe environment clients heal through creating new meaning from traumatic memories and becoming the hero of their own stories.  

Issues treated: post-traumatic stress  |  specific phobias | anxiety | stress