Counseling Frequently Asked Questions


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What is an "Evidence-Based" Therapy anyway?

Not all mental health therapies for are equally effective.  Clinicians who receive training, supervision and consultation on specific psychological approaches that are based on scientific evidence refer to their work as "Evidence-based Practice" (EBP). Evidence-based therapies have been empirically tested and proven to make a positive impact for clients. These approaches tend to be more goal-driven, directive, and short-term than other approaches. Skilled therapists with experience in EBPs are able to maintain the important clinical foundations of evidence-based models while adapting to specific client desires and needs. 

Do you accept insurance? 

Yes! We are paneled with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Care Network and Aetna. We are also working to panel with other providers. Setting up insurance is a slow process. In the meantime, we are happy to help clients submit for reimbursement by providing billing statements as necessary. 

DO I have to be in Therapy forever?

No! We believe in the therapeutic relationship as a tool for growth and meeting client goals. We will meet as long as sessions feel beneficial to you. We will discuss a projected timeline as early as your intakes session. There is no rush, other than feeling better faster!  You are encouraged to live your life and welcome to come back at any time as needed. 

Who Do your therapists work with?

We work with families and individuals from all backgrounds! We value diversity and acceptance in our practice.  We have experience working with LGBTQ individuals and families, foster/adoptive parents, families reunifying after Child Welfare involvement, and relative caregivers.

How confidential is counseling, Really?

Traverse City is a wonderful place - it's rare to get out of the house without running into someone you know! However, for therapy to be successful, clients need to know that their privacy is completed protected, especially in a small community. At Head and Heart Therapeutic Solutions, we are committed to the highest levels of confidentiality. Our privacy policies are compliant with federal laws. Client information is protected by HIPAA, just like patient information at a doctor's office. Client privacy is an utmost priority for us. Please contact us if you want more details about this. 

How much does therapy cost?

At Head and Heart Therapeutic Solutions, we believe everyone deserves effective treatment. That is why our prices are competitive and we work to make each session count through implementing evidence-based techniques. We charge $150 per session and reserve some spaces for clients who need a sliding-scale fee. We charge $180 for diagnostic interview/clinical evaluation. 

I think i need a counselor, what should i be looking for?

When people look for mental health treatment for themselves or a loved one, we often search for a therapy provider who has availability in their schedule, desired fees, or is covered by a specific insurance plan. However,  there are some other good questions to ask as you look for the right fit for you:

  • What type of treatment do you provide? How do you usually approach working with clients?

  • How much experience do you have working with the issues I would like to address?

  • How long do people usually work with you?